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For other aspects of the Foreign Service, the book becomes less useful. Moreover, if one is not personally interested in joining the Foreign Service, there are better books that strictly outline stories of American diplomatic work. Another book that I've been working on, American Diplomats, comes to mind. Aug 13, Tiffani Diggs rated it really liked it. A truthful look inside an Embassy. Dec 08, Flor Cita rated it it was amazing. Excellent book with the perfect insight of what life as a Foreign Service Officer is all about.

Jan 18, Justin Tapp rated it really liked it Shelves: politics , foreign-service , international , travel. Something like 25, people apply annually to join the 14, member FSO workforce around the world; last year the State Department had money or need to hire fewer than For many aspirants, reading this book is as close as they will come to achieving their dream.

Inside A U.S. Embassy

The book begins with an introduction to the Foreign Service and a bit of its history. Part II explains the process of becoming an FSO and being deployed, and features some day-in-the-life profiles giving examples of work. Part III is a collection of "one day journals, "day-in-the-life" stories written by FSOs highlighting their everyday routines including problems they've solve, challenges they face, and routine boredom they deal with. It gives details about their family life many spouses work or volunteer for the embassy , workout routines, deployment history, etc.

Part IV contains tales from the field -- interesting stories written by FSOs highlighting stresses disasters and terrorist attacks , problems they solve, and people they meet. He succeeded, and went home to bed.

Diplomacy at Work, All-New Third Edition of the Essential Guide to the Foreign Service

The U. We never talked much about that night again—each day at Embassy Skopje brought too many new problems and issues connected with the Kosovo crisis. A must-read if you're interested in the Foreign Service.

Why did I become a diplomat? - Meirav Shahar - TEDxBaDinh

The individual day-in-the-life stories get a bit repetitive or dry, as they should-- this is real life. Jan 15, Joni rated it it was amazing Shelves: travel , nonfiction , history. This book is definitely 5 stars for anybody interested in the U. It gives an on-the-ground look at what a diplomatic life entails, and tells some truly inspiring stories of the power of diplomacy.

It also clearly walks through how the Department of State works and how one goes about becoming an employee of it. It is a must-read for anyone considering life in that arena. One note: It is long and sometimes hard to get through. As you can see, it This book is definitely 5 stars for anybody interested in the U.

As you can see, it took me a full two months to get through it. However, I am notoriously bad at reading nonfiction. Be prepared to settle in for the long haul, though, because it's worth reading from start to finish! May 06, Staci rated it liked it. A good book to read for anyone considering a career in the Foreign Service. It covers pretty much every aspect of the Foreign Service, including the testing and selection process as well as providing examples of "typical" days from people in various positions within the foreign service.

A lot of it is more anecdotal than objective, per se, but since life in the Foreign Service can be so varied it's hard to imagine how this book could have done it any other way.

Aug 13, Brian Weisz rated it really liked it. If you're wondering what goes on in a US embassy, this is the book for you. The book details many of the people employed in the Foreign Service, daily life overseas, a day in the life of the various positions, and extraordinary "Tales from the Field". A section near the end details the process of joining the Foreign Service, which will be useful to nearly everyone reading the book. Feb 01, Adam rated it liked it.

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A comprehensive guide to what it is like to work in the foreign service. Very much directed toward those who are thinking about a career in the foreign service, it even has a chapter on the hiring process. Overall, though, a boring read for the casual reader. It was only interesting when it had people's stories from memorable activities in their country or job. Sep 11, Ashwath rated it really liked it Shelves: diplomacy.

An absolutely brilliant book. Very good for prospective diplomats of not only the USA but also for other countries. Considering the fact that you don't find a lot of books on diplomacy as a career, this one is a real keeper. The stories involving the day to day lives of diplomats and how they work is really inspiring.

Jun 07, Andrew rated it liked it. Decent look at Foreign Service life. Aug 22, Ann Marie rated it it was amazing Shelves: foreign-service-prep.

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Fantastic for preparing for the Foreign Service Oral Exam! Basically everything you need to know about how embassies work. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed.


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No trivia or quizzes yet. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. This all-new third edition takes readers to more than 50 U. In addition to the profiles of diplomats and specialists around the world--from the ambassador to the consular officer, the public diplomacy officer to the security specialist--is a selection from more than twenty countries of day-in-the-life accounts, each describing and actual day on the job. Personal reports from the field give a sense of the extraordinary challenges--the coups, the natural disasters, the civil wars--and rewards of representing America to the world.

The third edition of Inside a U. Embassy includes new sections on the Foreign Service career and life. Beginning with the embassy country team, see how all the pieces of an embassy fit together, how a career is shaped and how families navigate this unique lifestyle.